Frequently asked questions

How do I place my order?

You are required to create an account before you can actually buy products online. To place and order, simple click on the product on the product page, quantity default is one, change as required (limited to what's available on the site), fill in the size from the drop down tab, the color where applicable and proceed to add to chart. This takes you to the checkout page where you can see all items in your chart with a breakdown of your total cost, at this point you can insert your applicable PROMO CODE as is allowed in your specific case and proceed to checkout, chose your payment method and follow the instructions. You would receive a notification indication that your payment was succesfull generally within a few minutes with and order number.

How do i check my order status?

Once a tracking number is sent to you via email, you can begin tracking your order. In the event you are picking up your order at an agreed pick up point, you would be sent a confirmation email indicating that your order is ready to be delivered. you would be contacted to confirm details.

How long does it take to get an order tracking number.

To ensure door to door orders using our courier service provider are expidited, orders are usually delivered at two times for a given day to the courier address; 9:00am and 2:00pm. So for example; if you place an order and payment receipt was succesfull at any time after 12:00pm on a weekday, your order would be prepared and delivered at the courier address on the following workday at 2:00pm. For all orders placed before the 12:00pm the order would be prepared and delivered to the courier address at 9:00am the following day. You can expect an order tracking number within 4 hours subsequent to order delivery.

Can i cancel or modify my order?

Once you have placed and order and confirmation of payment received, you can contact the site a min of 2 hours before the items leaves our location. If you had placed an order before 12pm on a week day, the item would be processed and ready to leave for our courier at 9am the following day, all orders confirmed after 12pm shall be processed and ready for delivery to our courier at 2pm the following day.

How do i cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact the site a min of 2 hours before you item is carded to leave our site. This would be either 7am or 12pm depending on the time your order was placed.Provide your order number and the details of the items you wish to cancel.

How do i modify my order?

This follows the same guidelines as to cancel your order, provide all details of your order; order number, sku number, size and then indicate the details of the item which you would like to have substituted; sku, size. To modify your order would mean that your order may be withheld for the next delivery time period. If your order was due to be delivered to our courier at 9am, this may now be moved to the earliest at 2pm or possible at 9am the following day. Please rest assured that all attempts would be made to facilitate a customers request,once made in a timely manner and documented.

What type of payments does this site accept?

This site acceptes payments via PAYPAL, Direct bank deposite. Cash transactions of an upper limit of TT$150.00 is also accepted for pick up option only.

What currency does this site accept?

Presently our online payment options is via PayPAL, as such, most international master, visa or discovery cards would be accepted. Please note, all prices quoted on the site is in TT currency.

How do i return an item?

See the site (RETURN POLICY) General summary: 1) You are allowed up to 4 days of receipt of item to indicate intent to return. NOTE: Item has to be in original condition with tags attached, original packaging preferred as this is so done to protect the integrity of the product being delivered. The original receipt must accompany and be secured within the package. 2) Click on the form (see return poilicy link) and fill out all specifics regarding the item to be returned including; the item Description, SKU number, Size, Color and quantity. Fill out the reason for return section limited too, Fit, Color, Material, or Manufacturers' Defects. 3) You would be contacted by the site within 24 hours to work out the details of the return. You are allowed two options to facilitate returns; 1) In the event the return is based on any one or a combination of the reasons listed above, the customer would be responsible to cover the cost of return. 2) The customer can be relieved of this cost if they choose to drop of the items at a mutually agreed upon time and place. 3) Where the reason for the return is based on a verified manufacturer defect all cost for return would be absorbed by RULINstylesTT. In this event, the customer shall be contacted and a mutually agreed upon method of retrieval determined.

When can i expect to receive my item?

For door to door deliveries via a courier servioe provider, your order would be processed by us and delivered to the courier service usually within 24 hours. For TTPOST deliveries a customer representative would contact you and provide the details of the expected time of delivery. You would be provided a tracking number once the order has been lodged with the courier. For orders that are PICK-UP's, these orders would be available after 24 hours of placing your order for delivery. You should expect to be contacted to discuss a mutually agreed upon time and place.

What happens if i did not receive my order?

You would be required to sign for your package on delivery whether it was delivered to your door or a pick-up order. If by some circumstance you did not receive your order and your order tracking number shows delivered, contact the site immediately and indicate the details of the order not delivered. Your order may not be delivered because of the following reasons; 1) The courier could not locate your address. In this case the driver would make attempts to contact you via phone to confirm your house location, if this proves unsuccessful, your package would be returned to the courier. 2) The courier located your address but no one was available to accept the package, again in this scenario and attempt would be made to contact the customer. In the event someone other than the customer is to contact the package, this permission to accept must be first granted by the customer. Where your package is returned to the courier, you would be contacted by RULINstylesTT to work out the issues regarding your delivery.

Which PROMO CODES do i enter?

All promo codes must be used in the manner so stipulated. At the bottom of each code card is a note describing the conditions of use. For instance a (First Time customer) qualifies for a 5% discount, a first time customer collecting at a designated drop off location qualifies for an additional 5% and a first time customer spending over a certain value is entitled to additional savings. Yes each coupon can be used once by a first time customer, This allows a first time customer a wide range of first's. Other codes can be used indefinitely. Look out for that special PROMO CODE for those memorable occasions.